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Delivery of flowers to any point of Moscow and surroundings in 48 hours
Please contact us at info@flo-wers.com on any questions
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I might be paying the highest prices for the flowers I ever paid in my life, but the service is worth every penny of it, and I used it quite a few times already.

Happy and impressed recipients, amazing flowers, which in reality look even more gorgeous than on the pictures.

Flowers get delivered promptly as agreed, no hassle at all.

What else can you expect from a service before you call it spectacular!

Samir Sadikhov

February 14, 2010

What’s the idea, who this site is for and why customers choose us

Many times we have found ourselves in situations, when being far away from our home we were deprived of the ability to gladden our friends (and ourselves) with gifts at days when we wanted to share our happiness with them.

Despite the fact, that flowers are an important sign of love, friendship and a pleasant gift, before the year of 2006, in Azerbaijan this piece of joy was available mostly locally. And to order flowers, when you were outside of your home city, you had to bother your friends, spending their time and money, or, speaking on the phone to local shops to order a “pig in a poke”, sending money by means, that do not guarantee the refund if you were provided with the wrong service. FLOWERS.AZ was created to address these problems.

Why FLOWERS.AZ may be convenient for you:

  1. You can see what you are going to buy.
  2. It is very easy to place an order - just few essential steps.
  3. You can pay for your order using your credit card (which is the most widespread and safe method of payment as of today). For your convenience, we are ready to look into alternative ways of payment.
  4. You can place your order at any time – which is especially important for people ordering from another part of the globe, when most local businesses are asleep.
  5. You can request delivery timeframe that is most suitable for you and your addressee – and be sure that your order will be delivered in time.
  6. You can expect very friendly support and answers to absolutely all your questions and wishes, sent by e-mail.
  7. You can expect individual approach to you.
  8. You can order individual bouquet decoration.
  9. You will get confirmation of delivery, indicating the time of delivery and information about the person, who has accepted it.
  10. You get excellent quality for reasonable money.
  11. Bouquets are designed by local professional florists. Those, who have been to Baku, probably know that it’s one of the best places for bouquets design in the world.
  12. Your gift is accompanied by a postcard with your message.
  13. Your confidentiality is guaranteed – even your recipient won’t know who has sent the gift if you don’t indicate your name in the postcard, and that means that you can arrange a great surprise.
  14. We just love, when our customers are happy!

What we are not trying to do:

What we are planning to do in nearest time:

  1. Implement the possibility to add gifts to bouquets (toys, balloons, candies, beverages, fruit baskets, perfumes, cosmetics).
  2. Implement e-mail and sms reminders about events, important for you (birthdays, holidays, important dates) – to help you not to forget to congratulate your loved ones, families and friends in time.
  3. Increase the choice of bouquets.